Marlon Kobacker on the Need for Greater Educational Emphasis on Sustainability and Passive Design Principles

Marlon-KobackerDespite all of the recent discussion concerning green energy and sustainable building practices, there is still a tremendous need to emphasize the practical applications of sustainable design principles across all facets of life. According to Marlon Kobacker, this should really begin in the educational system, where students can be provided an opportunity to see just how effective alternative and sustainable energy systems can be in practical settings.

As it stands now, the concept is discussed on a fairly frequent basis as though it is still in its theoretical stages, which is simply not the case and only inhibits the widespread and immediate adoption of these necessary changes on a massive scale. A group of students involved with the agricultural program at Clemson University recently saw how passive design principles focusing on sustainability could be used in creating a self-sustaining system for heated water.

Through the use of a compost-heat extraction system, the students were able to see firsthand just how simple it is to apply sustainable design principles in a wide range of practical circumstances. With this kind of emphasis on practical application, it is much more likely that sustainable systems will be put in place according to the aggressive timeline that has quickly become an absolute necessity.