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With the presidential primary races now all but over, the presumptive nominees from each party are beginning to turn their sights to the general election, and, if recent history is any indication, both are quite likely to move to the center on a number of critical issues. For supporters of issues of such historical importance like energy use and the environment, it may be helpful to learn that a company like is likely to point out that consumers still wield a great deal of power and influence even if their preferred political candidate is no longer in the running for the White House.

The private sector will always respond to the demands of the market, so the shift to a focus on renewable energy resources will accelerate at a rate commensurate to consumer spending and demand. This means that consumers have to use their credit wisely and make sensible investments into a clean energy future while also taking advantage of any tax incentives that currently exist or that are eventually introduced.

There are many idealists out there hoping that renewable energy resources will be used with greater frequency simply because it is the right thing to do in response to the harmful effects of global climate change. Unfortunately, most view this issue solely through an economic lens and will not take the necessary action until that action is dictated by the marketplace. Since consumers can drive the market just as much as producers, it is becoming increasingly necessary for energy-conscious consumers to start voting for change with their wallet in addition to their election ballot.


Nancy Behrman: A Conversation With a PR Expert on Marketing and Sustainability

nancy behrman moneyNancy Behrman is the founder of Behrman Communications, and the PR and brand building expert recently sat down for a wide ranging conversation detailing the many areas in which marketing and sustainability just so happen to intersect. Sharp, witty and exceptionally informed concerning issues of considerable depth, Behrman outlined how she went about creating Behrman Communications from scratch and discussed how she would go about promoting the need for greater awareness of issues relating to sustainability, the environment and green building practices.

One of the challenges facing the green energy industry and the world at large is convincing people that continuing to do things the way they have been done in the past will not solve much of anything, and certainly will not accomplish anything positive any time soon. There are quite a few who are still clinging to the status quo for one reason or another, but it is well past time for sweeping changes to be made if we are going to be able to generate a meaningful and positive impact on climate change and the deleterious effects it has already wrought.

One method available to us is through the use of marketing principles that make the public more aware of the facts relating to this critical issue of our time, and Behrman is absolutely correct when she points out that there is only so much that can be done when there is a lack of awareness regarding a subject such as this. After all, the most difficult problem to solve is the one people do not realize or care to admit exists.